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XXL [21 Oct 2004|08:36pm]
Just to warn you...dont buy the new XXL Mascara from Maybelline. It sucks...its just a waste of money.
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!@#$%^&* [21 Oct 2004|08:22pm]
Hi kidos! Well today was kinda blah. It was okay i just dont enjoy A days all that much. Well friday i am going to kati's to watch movies (hopefully) I hope i can! And saturday i am going to church at 5:15...i will end up sitting alone becuase my mom sings in the choir...its so depressing sitting alone. Then i have to find somewhere to go saturday night because my padre is going to be at our cabin...and my madre is going out with friends. I really want to hang out with Jeff one of these days...but i am pretty sure my brother wouldn't like that to much. So that totally sucks ass. So im up for grabs on saturday night...anyone want me?
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[19 Oct 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Howdy kids! Today was pretty eventfull for it only being teusday! Yuppers i had piano lessons right after school like every teusday! Then my madre picked me up and we went to RX Optical, then Lowes, then Franks, then the dollar store! Whoop whoop it was fun! The bad thing is i still have to do some homework tonight but there is some good news....I was sportin the "good school girl" look today! Oh yeah thats right i was way sexy! Aight thats bout it for today. I really wish my dumb ass computer worked so i could put pictures from my digital camera on here...:*(

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Howdy Y'all [18 Oct 2004|08:43pm]
Hey Hey Hey...im trying this live journal thing now. I gave up with my greatest journal because it was a piece of shit and all my friends have a live journal! So here i go! I wont be able to post pictures in a while because my computer wont load the software for my digital camera...so yeah i know it sucks ass but what can ya do? Oh well!
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